Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Vietnam travel visa

The online on arrival visa application is the most simple and fastest way to process a Vietnam travel visa. The applicant is required to submit his or her personal information such as, names, date of birth, passport number, nationality, arrival date and length of stay in Vietnam. These details are then assessed and confirmed by the diplomats in charge before the applicant can go and pay the required fee.

Once everything has been confirmed, the applicant is set to go and find out the fee required and pay. Before he or she submits the payment, she/he has to confirm that the details entered are very correct. If he/she may need some help then he should seek that help before payment is done. There is also a fee for arranging on how you will pick your visa upon arrival in Vietnam airports or at their embassies. They accept any form of payment the client will prefer to use. No more no less when it comes to payment of the services for a Vietnam travel. Once everything is clear, the applicant will have to go and wait for the visa to be processed and a notification will be send to him or her via email or through phone call.

As an applicant you are required to keep checking your email address to see if the document has been processed. Upon receiving the approval letter from the body concerned, you have to download and print it. Fill in the required fields and submit it back to the right people. Usually, a normal visa takes to 24-48 hours of processing but there are some urgent issues which takes like 1 hour or some take up to 8 hours upon submission. After all is done you are needed to take 2 photo pictures of 4×6 cm. if the applicant is a single person seeking the document, he will have to pay around $45 dollars for a one month stay in Vietnam. If it a group they will pay up to $65 dollars for a one month stay or they pay $95 dollars for a three month stay in Vietnam. If you are on transit then you are required to pay $5 dollars only. This means that you are not going to stay in Vietnam for more than 72 hours upon arrival at the airport. The cash paid is not a mandatory to be in US dollars but they can be in any of the strong currency like the euros. All the documents required to travel are supposed to be stamped at the airport upon arrival.

Before one is set to leave the airport for his duties and functions in Vietnam, he has to show all the documents processed i.e. passports, approval letter, immigration forms fully filled up as required and the photo passports. The police at the airports are the one doing the search so if you might have used the orthodox ways to enter the country then you are set to be jailed. This is done to prevent unwanted persons to enter the country due to security reasons.

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