Friday, November 21, 2014

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Vietnam travel safety

Travel safety is another key factor as you plan for a Vietnam travel. Vietnam is one of the safest countries if not in Asia alone then in the whole world probably it’s because it has a stable government. Crime and any other forms of unrest are very minimal in Vietnam as compared to any other country in either Asia or Africa. At the same time, there are no forms of natural disasters that may affect the visiting tourists or even the locals of themselves. The information given on travel safety is always based on facts and not assumptions and generic warnings you may come across while travelling to Vietnam.

Health wise

No one will travel to a country where there I a deadly disease outbreak, in Vietnam before entrance the guest is taken to a check up to ensure that no one comes to the country with any kind of disease that will put the country at risk. Also it is assumed that drinking water in Vietnam is a risk, so bottled water, soft drinks are easily available and at a cheaper price to reduce the chances of contracting a disease from these other sources of water. The major health dangers are the effects of the sun and the extensive heat that is experienced in the better part of the year. To reduce this, there is an ultra-violet protection lotion that is applied on the human skin. There is heavy sweating due to high humidity which drains the body for this reason you are always advised to drink plenty of water so as to recover the excessive loss of water lost through sweat.

Local laws in Vietnam

As you arrange for a Vietnam travel remembers that there are local laws and rules stipulated to govern the country. The rules apply to everyone who enters the country regardless who you might be or where you come from. Stiff penalties are set for those who might be caught on the wrong side. It is said that Vietnam is a conservative nation.


Currently terrorism is a threat to almost every country in the world. In Vietnam, the chances and levels of terrorism are much lower compared to any other country and this is relatively due to the political stability of the country’s government and the highest level of checkups in the country’s border entry.

Violent crimes

It may not be a major risk but as you prepare for a Vietnam travel, there are some areas where such do happen more so to those areas frequently visited by foreigners. The most crime evident in these areas is things like pick pocketing and hand bag snatching. As a result of this, the Vietnamese government is trying to fix and put up measures to guarantee the visitors security and improve the image of the country as safe place to visit and explore. It is there your duty as a visitor to be vigilant of your property and yourself too.


Just like anywhere on this planet, there is no difference here in Vietnam they do happen. These are categorized in the natural disasters which cannot be evaded. So as plans for Vietnam travel are underway be aware of this and take caution to avoid them where necessary.

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