Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Vietnamese Foods you must try out during your Vietnam Travel

Vietnam travel cannot be complete without experiencing their finger leaking foods. Vietnamese food has on several occasions been voted to be the healthiest foods in the world as confirmed by nutritionist all over the world. The food is a blend of different foods eaten by some countries. It includes French influences including pate and baguettes, Malay and Indian cuisines with chilies and curries. Vietnamese mostly eat grilled meats, seafood dishes that are mostly spiced with chili and tamarind and not recommended for the faint hearted, fresh vegetables and cold noodles. The foods are available in the streets and mostly impossible for you to resist the amazing aroma oozing from the incredibly prepared foods.  Time is not a limiting factor when it comes to Vietnamese foods as they are prepared all day and night.        Vietnamese people are also among the healthiest people in the world. This is mostly because their snacks are healthy seafood’s that one can grab in between meals.

 To spice things up, foods vary depending on the location. Different parts of Vietnam people eat different foods which are really interesting and an advantage to you as a tourist since you do not have to eat the same type of food throughout your Vietnam travel. When you travel to the north of Vietnam, expect to consume a variety of hot soups because of the weather. The north of Vietnam is known for its cold weather hence the hot soups. There is the Vietnam’s soup which depending on where you consume it will cost you between five thousand to ten thousand dong. The soup is made with mint leaves, peanuts, bean sprouts, white vermicelli noodles and wedged chicken or beef and eaten with chilies and sauce using a spoon and chopsticks which can deem hard for a fast timer. The North also enjoys grilled meat which is mostly known as Bun Cha in Vietnam. A serving of the grilled meal will keep you full for long hours hence preferred by most Vietnamese and tourists besides, their aroma as the meat is grilled is hard to resist.

Alcohol in Vietnam is brewed for people who enjoy a drink or two after a long day touring Vietnam or a long day at work. It is commonly known as BIA Hoi. Apart from soups, dog meat, Cobra meat, fried silk worms among others are some exotic foods eaten in the north. Central Vietnam people consume foods eaten by emperors. Bun Bo Hue a spiced beef soup and imperial spring rolls are most common. A pancake like food containing shrimps, bean sprouts and eggs is commonly preferred and served with a rich peanut sauce. Seafood, rice and boiled crabs are a specialty in the center of Vietnam. The south of Vietnam is said to be developed than the rest of Vietnam hence known for the best foods. Only high quality foods can be found here from fresh meats, vegetables, fruits and foods from different countries like America, India and Mexico are common. You must try the Banh Xeo, spring rolls and Hot Vit Lon during your southern Vietnam travel.

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