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How to get Vietnam visa for Samoans


• Complete Name: Independent State of Samoa

• Native Name: Samoa

• ISO-Code: WSM

• Capital: Apia

Requirements for visa applicants from Samoans

If you are a Vietnam visa applicant from Samoa, you will need to take note of the following two ways by which you can apply for the Vietnam visa:

- By making an online application for the Vietnam visa through our service

- By directly applying to the Vietnam embassy for the Vietnam visa.

1. Direct application to the Vietnam embassy in Samoa

Direct application entails visiting a Vietnam embassy from the nearest country since Samoa does not have a Vietnam embassy as of yet. From there you will be given information that you need for your visa application process. You will also learn of the various visa application fees that should be paid by you.

If you however feel restricted by your duties that you hardly can reach the Vietnam embassy in person, you can always use the visa by post service, which saves you from having to show up at the embassy. All that you will need to do is contact the Vietnam embassy in advance and let them confirm to you that they offer visa by post service. We are reachable via email:

2. Online application for the Vietnam visa

You can acquire your Vietnam visa from a Vietnam international airport or from a Vietnam embassy by applying for one through us. Once you visit our website and get to fill in the visa application forms and pay the visa service fees, we will provide you with the letter of approval that allows you to proceed with the visa application at the following two points:

- From the international airports in Vietnam (Tan Son Nhat (SGN), Noi Bai (HAN), Da Nang (DAD), Cam Ranh (CXR), Phu Quoc (PQC), …..)

- From the Vietnam embassy/consulate

All that is needed from you at these visa collection points is your travel passport, your 2 passport photos and your letter of approval from us. You will then have to pay the visa stamping fees while there before you are finally issued your visa to Vietnam.

Comparison between the direct visa application procedure and online visa application plan

With the direct application procedure at the Vietnam embassy, you can only apply for the Vietnam visa during working hours. This policy means weekends and public holidays are exempted from the regular work hours hence no visa applications can be made nor processed during then.

Direct visas from the embassies take a lot of time, roughly 5 working days and sometimes even more days to process and procure a visa. During this time, most of your regular activities will stop at your absence to seek a Vietnam visa in a foreign country.

Direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa is strenuous considering the long queues of visa applicants at the Vietnam embassy. On the other hand, the visa on arrival procedure is accessible via the internet hence visa applicants can apply for their Vietnam visas even from the comfort of their homes.

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