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Vietnam visa requirement for Laotian


  • Complete Name: Lao People’s Democratic Republic

  • Native Name: Lao

  • ISO-Code: LAO

  • Capital: Viangchan (Vientiane)
Provinces : Attapu, Bokèo, Bolikhamxai, Champasak, Houaphan, Khammouan, Louangnamtha, Louangphrabang, Oudômxai, Phôngsali, Saravan, Savannakhét, Viangchan [Vientiane City], Viangchan, Xaignabouri, Xaisômboun, Xékong, Xiangkhoang

Province Capitals : Attapu, Houayxai, Louangnamtha, Louangphrabang, Oudômxai (Xai), Pakxan, Pakxé, Phôngsali, Phôn-Hông, Phônsavan, Saravan (Salavan), Savannakhét, Thakhèk (Muang Khammouan), Viangchan (Vientiane), Xaignabouri, Xam Nua, Xékong (Ban Phon, Muang Lamam)


Vietnam visa requirement for Laotian

As a Lao citizen who intends to prolong their stay in Vietnam after the first thirty days, you are required to have a Vietnam visa. Here are two ways by which to apply for the Vietnam visa from Laos:

- From the Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate in Laos

- With the help of the letter of approval you acquire from us.

1. How to directly apply for your Vietnam visa from a Vietnam embassy/consulate.

You can contact the Vietnam embassy in Laos by email, by telephone or by presenting yourself in person so as to be given more instructions on what the Vietnam visa application procedure entails as well as the associated fees.

In order to make your work easy, we provide you with the following contact information to reach the Vietnam embassy in Laos.

Embassy of Vietnam in Laos

  • Thatluang Rd., Vientiane, Laos

  • Telephone: (856) 2141 3409 or 2141 3409 or 2141 4602 – Consular: 2141 3400

  • Fax: (856) 2141 3379 or 2141 4601

  • Email: or

  • Website:
The Consulate General of Vietnam in Savannakhet province, Laos

  • Address: No.118, Sisavangvong, KaysonPhomvihan district, Savannakhet province, Laos

  • Telephone: (856) 41 212418; Mobile: (856) 20 5541259

  • Fax: (856) 41 212182

  • Email:

  • Website:
Consulate General of Vietnam in Pakse, Laos

  • Address #31, Banphabạt, Paksé, Champassak, LAOS

  • Phone : (856) 3121 2058

  • Fax : (856) 3121 2827

  • Email :

  • Website:
Consulate General of Vietnam in Luangprabang, Laos

  • Address: No. 427-428, That BoSot Village, Luangprabang Town, Luangprabang Province, Laos.

  • Telephone: (856 – 71) 254748

  • Fax: (856 – 71) 254746

  • Email:

  • Website:
2. How to acquire the Vietnam visa with the letter of approval

When you get to apply for your visa online through our service, we issue you the letter of approval with which you can acquire your visa to Vietnam in the following ways:

a) From the Vietnam international airports (only for air travelers)

This procedure of obtaining a visa to Vietnam entails the following four steps:

- Visit our website online and fill in the visa application form available there

- Clear the service fees with as required by our instructions

- Receive the letter of approval from us by email, which should be delivered to your email in 48 business hours.

- Submit the letter of approval, your passport and two of your passport photos to one of the three Vietnam international airports (Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh city, Noi Bai in Hanoi city, Da Nang in Da Nang city & Cam Ranh in Nha Trang city), and then pay a visa stamping fee and you will be issued your visa to Vietnam.

b) Vietnam visa from a Vietnam embassy/consulate you choose in your application form.

In this procedure, the following four steps should be followed:

- Check our website online and fill in the visa application form available there.

- Pay the service fees with us as directed by our instructions.

- Obtain the letter of approval from us by email within 48 working hours.

- Preset your letter of approval, your two passport photos and your passport at the Vietnam embassy and pay the visa stamping fee. You will then be issued your Vietnam visa.

Note: Conditions to get Vietnam visa:

- You must present a valid passport, which you acquired over six months ago.

- The two passport size photos taken within the last six months should be among your recent ones.

- Your letter of approval must show similar information to that in your passport. 

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