Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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How to get Vietnam visa for citizens of US Virgin Island


• Native Name: Virgin Islands of the United States

• ISO-Code: VIR

• Dependent from: USA

• Capital: Charlotte Amalie

How to get Vietnam visa for citizens of US Virgin Island

A guide to Virgin Islander citizens on how to apply for their Vietnam visas online

As a Virgin Islander citizen you need to apply for a Vietnam visa in order for you to enter Vietnam. There are currently two ways in which you can apply for your Vietnam visa as listed below:

• By the direct application procedure at the Vietnam embassy

• By the online visa application procedure

Direct visa application procedure: this visa application process is hindered by the fact that there currently is not Vietnam embassy in Virgin Islands of the United States. As such, Vietnam visa applications from this country will have to be forwarded to the nearest Vietnam embassy. This therefore leaves the online visa application procedure as most convenient and practicable.

However, as a visa applicant by the direct procedure you can only acquire your Vietnam visa after presenting yourself in person at the Vietnam embassy. If you however come from countries that do not have a Vietnam embassy then you will be required to present yourself in person at the Vietnam embassy in the nearest country around you. this can mean a whole lot of inconvenience due to the travel costs and personal expenses at the Vietnam embassy.

• You also have to wait for too long before you get served while standing in long queues at the embassy.

• You cannot get expedited services as with the visa on arrival procedure in which you are issued the rush visa.

• Only week days are allowed for visa applications and even then, it is only during working hours that you can visit and make your visa application at the Vietnam embassy

Online visa application procedure:

As an applicant to the Vietnam visa, you can easily acquire your visa to Vietnam by applying for your Vietnam visa through our website. All you need for a start is your passport document and two passport photos that clearly display your facial looks. Preferably you should present your most recent passport photos that were taken within the last six months. Your passport document on the other hand should be the one acquired in not less than six months but still valid.

Once you have these two important documents at hand you may precede to applying for your Vietnam visa through our site. Firstly, you will have to complete the visa application form you find there by filling in valid details. You will then have to pay the visa stamping fee with us as you wait for the letter of approval, which we are to send you within 48 working hours from the time of your visa application.

Once you receive your letter of approval, be sure to produce a hardcopy of it for presentation at the Vietnam embassy or at the Vietnam international airport to claim your visa. While there you will only pay the visa stamping fee to finally get your visa to Vietnam at hand.

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