Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Vietnam Visa Application

Vietnam has of late come out to be one of the favorite tourist destinations. It is a country teeming with plenty of amazing attractions. From the culture to the scenery to the amazing people, it is all worth visiting for you. If you intend to visit the country any time soon it is important you are aware of the Vietnam Visa Application process. There are a couple of ways that you can gain a Vietnam Visa.  The first option is that you can apply online and wait for an approval letter or you can visit the Vietnamese Embassy in your country fill in an application form, pay a fee and wait for the visa to be processed. A normal tourist visa normally lasts for thirty days but you can seek a thirty day extension if need arises. A business visa on the other hand lasts for six months.

Visiting the Vietnamese embassy in your home country is aptly the safest and most advantageous way for you to secure your visa. What you need to carry with you is your passport, passport photographs and the visa fees. You will be required to fill in an application form stating the purpose for your visit and the duration of your stay. The only downside to this method is that you may be required to wait for a few weeks for your approval.

Using the online option for Vietnam Visa Application is ideally the fastest and cheapest way. What you need to do is simply go online, fill in an application form that asks for your basic information, pay the application fee and wait for 48 hours for your approval letter which will be sent via email. It is important that you print out this letter and keep it with your passport. On arrival in any of the three international airports, you will need to have your passport stamped and you will be required to pay a stamp processing fee. This method is also referred to as the Visa on Arrival method and what you will need to give out is your passport number and expiry dates, your estimated date of arrival, and a credit or debit card or PayPal account to make the application fees payment. You can opt for the normal processing or urgent processing which will require you to pay additional fees. The stamp fee will depend on the duration of your intended stay and whether it is a single or multiple entry.

One thing to note about the Vietnam Visa Application process is that depending on your country of origin you may not be required to apply for a visa to visit. If you are travelling from Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia you can enter the country for thirty days without a visa. If you are travelling from the Philippines you can gain entry for twenty one days without a visa and if you are travelling from Denmark, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Sweden or Japan you can gain entry visa free for two weeks.

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