Monday, November 17, 2014

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Vietnam visa for business requirements

East Asia has some of the fastest growing and robust economies in the world. Industries are fast developing especially in the manufacturing sector this can be mainly attribute to the presence of a highly skilled and cheap labor. Vietnam has stood out among one of the most business friendly country in the region with a lot of potential. For this reason you may consider or need to do business in the region and take advantage of all these.

The first step towards doing business in the country for you is to obtain a Vietnam visa for business. You may however have to first check if your country is among the list of visa exempt countries. If it is not then it is mandatory for you to get one before being allowed entry into the nation.

There are two ways you can apply for a Vietnam visa for business. You can apply for a visa on arrival through an accredited travel agency or you can do a direct application at the Vietnam embassy in your home country. Using the visa on arrival method is easier and hassle free for you since you do not have to make numerous trips to the embassy. It is also relatively cheaper. To do this you have to fill in an online application form, pay the application fee and wait for two days for your visa to be processed. Depending on the urgency of your application you may opt for the urgent processing option which will take one day but cost you more. Your letter of approval will then be sent to you via email and you need to produce it to have your passport stamped at the airport on arrival. You should note that you will be charged a stamp duty at the entry point.

If you prefer for your own reasons not to have your passport stamped at the airport upon your arrival you have the option of applying for a Vietnam visa code from the embassy to make the process faster. If you successfully apply for this code, you will only have to visit the embassy once for your visa to be stamped.

It is important for you to keep in mind that you may be required to have with you a letter from your sponsor company in Vietnam introducing you. This is to improve accountability and ensure the business you are taking part in is legal in the country. This letter should contain details such as the purpose of your visit, your intended length of stay, your relation to the host company, your place of stay and the address of your host or sponsor. It must also indicate who will be responsible financially for you during your stay in Vietnam.

The business visa is at most times valid for three months. It is easier to request for a single visa entry for three months rather than a multiple entry visa for the same period. This is so because the immigration department normally places strict restrictions on issuing the three month multiple entry visa.

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