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How to get Vietnam visa for Austrian citizens


• Complete Name: Republic of Austria

• Native Name: Österreich

• ISO-Code: AUT

• Capital: Wien

Two ways to apply for your Vietnam visa as an Austrian citizen

As an Austrian citizen wishing to visit Vietnam in the coming days, you can apply for your Vietnam visas in the following two ways as it is needed for your entry to Vietnam:

• By direct application to the Vietnam embassy

• By applying online for the visa on arrival through an agency

Direct application procedure from the Vietnam embassy/consulate

You can visit the Vietnam embassy in Austria anytime during business hours to check the visa application procedure while learning what is needed from you as an applicant to the Vietnam visa. Firstly, you will need to contact the Vietnam embassy in Austria by the following contacts:

Vietnam Embassy in Vienna, Austria

Address : Felix Mottl – Strabe A-1190 Vienna, Austria

Tel : 3680755

Fax : 3680754

Code : 00-43-1

Consular section : 3680755/10

Reception : 3680755/11



However, the direct visa application procedure can sometimes be an inconvenience in that you will:

• Spend much time in the long queues

• Spend money in traveling to the embassy to fill in forms and later on travelling to collect your visa

• Stop your current duties in pursuit of your visa,

• Not apply during holidays and weekends.

 All these shortcomings can be avoided by opting for visa on arrival.

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa on arrival

How to apply for the Vietnam visa on arrival online;

As an Austrian applicant to the Vietnam visa you will need to visit our website online and fill in the visa application form from there. You then have to pay the visa service fees with us online as per our instructions. We will then organize your letter of approval for the Vietnam visa with the Vietnam immigration department and send it to you via email in 48 working hours from the time of your application.

Your letter of approval should then be presented upon boarding a flight to Vietnam and at the landing office of any of the international airports in Vietnam. You will then have to pay a slight visa stamping fee to have the visa stamped in your passport so you finally walk away with your Vietnam visa free to enter Vietnam.


When you get to apply for the online visa on arrival through an agency online you save your time and energy without forgetting money that would otherwise stand for your travel, plus you are not limited to only working days. All initial visa application steps can be started from the website. This option is more convenient and timely plus it does not disrupt your routines as all you have to do is access the web and get to apply from there.

Points to note:

Before you apply for the Vietnam visa on arrival, ensure you have your passport, which should be acquired at least six months earlier and two of your most recent passport photos taken within the last six months.

The letter of approval you acquire by email should be printed out in hardcopy and for presentation upon collecting your visa.

Always ensure you provide valid information on your visa application form as it will determine contents in your letter of approval, which should tally with information on your passport for a successful visa application process.

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