Monday, December 1, 2014

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How to get Vietnam visa for Christmas Island citizens

 Christmas Island (Australia)
• Capital: The Settlement

As Christmas Island citizen planning to visit Vietnam, you require a Vietnam visa. You can apply and procure your Vietnam visa in these two ways:

• By direct application at the Vietnam embassy/consulate

• Via our website services for the visa on arrival.

Direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa on arrival.

Visa applicants from Christmas Island need to discover the closest Vietnam embassy from close-by nations as there is no Vietnam embassy in their country. In that capacity, they will first need to list various Vietnam consulates and contact them by phone or email messages while requesting guidelines on the most proficient method to lead the whole process.

It is only after acquiring enough data from the Vietnam embassy does one qualifies to request their Vietnam visa. Normally Vietnam visas are obtained from the embassy by individuals but only after they fill in the visa provision structure. In any case, candidates can at present requests of their Vietnam visas without showing themselves at the Vietnam embassy. This is possible with the visa by post service. However the visa by post option is not accessible at all Vietnam embassies hence the applicants will first need to verify by phone or email with the select Vietnam embassies on the availability of the service there.

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa on arrival

As a visa inquirer, you have to visit our website online where we provide you the application form for the Vietnam visa. You then need to fill in the clear spaces on that form with valid information as required of you as you pay the visa administration fee with us on our website as per our instructions. In the end we will send you a letter of approval from the Vietnam migration department that will be conveyed to you via email in about 48 working hours.

You will then have to print the letter of approval to hardcopy and present it when boarding your flight to Vietnam and on your arrival at the Vietnam international airport where you will present it in a ‘Visa on Entry Office’ alongside your two passport photos and your valid passport. At last, you will need to pay a visa stamping fee so you can finally be issued your Vietnam visa.

On the other hand, if you arrived at Vietnam by other means of transport you will need to show up at the particular Vietnam consulate you picked in your visa application form. Here in any case you require two duplicates of your passport photos, your passport and a hardcopy version of your letter of your letter of approval. At last, you will pay the visa stamping fee to have your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport and both documents handed over to you.

Focuses to note:

• You are required to offer valid information about yourself when filling in the visa application form online.

• The two passport photos you present when collecting your Vietnam visa must be among the most recent ones you have.

• Your passport document must be valid and acquired not less than six months ago.

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