Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Exceptional Services For All Online Applicants For Vietnam Visa

Exceptional Services For All Online Applicants For Vietnam Visa

If you are looking for an easy and hassle free plan to get your Vietnam visa, then here is good news for you! There are a wide range of offers you can select from the Vietnam immigration service to not only get you to Vietnam quite easily, but you will also get it cheaply!

There are many provisions for the Vietnam entry visa and each of them is quite different from the others. The visa on arrival, as one of the entry visa option, is the newest of all and also most reputable. It was organized by the government of Vietnam to help travellers gain easy access to Vietnam simply by submitting their required details to various approved travel agencies working in hand with the Vietnam immigration department, but based online. These approved travel agencies forward visa application forms on behalf of the actual applicants to the government of Vietnam which in return issues visa letters of approval to the applicants, but via the respective travel agencies they applied with.  This way, the letters of approval are sent to respective applicants in softcopy form by email.

The letter of approval will have to be printed into hardcopy so it can be used among other identification documents when boarding a plane to Vietnam. Upon arrival there, the visa applicant will have to present the letter of approval to any of the three international airports in Vietnam in the process of acquiring their visa.

It is from the international airports of Vietnam that the respective visa applicant will acquire their Vietnam visa and have it stamped on their individual passports upon them paying a slight visa stamping fee. Children however, will be covered by the travel plan of their guardians. It is important to note that visa applicants will have to submit valid information else their applications get cancelled during validation step as a result of data inconsistency.

Also note that the visa on arrival is mainly facilitated online which makes anyone able to apply for it including citizens of countries that do not have Vietnam embassies. As soon as your online application is approved, you will get your pre-approval letter in a few hours and you can take a flight to Vietnam to get your visa stamped on your passport at any of the Vietnam international airports on arrival.

There are numerous advantages that come with the Vietnam visa on arrival, among them expedited services and time convenience. What would otherwise take days to complete as with the regular visa application procedure now takes just a few hours, after which you can immediately travel to Vietnam just after acquiring the softcopy pre-approval letter via email and having it printed to hardcopy. Visa on arrival service comes as a great relieve considering how convenient it can be in saving time and your energy. Now you do not have to travel all the way to Vietnam embassies in order to make your visa application. All you have to do is gain access to the internet and start your application right away.

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