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Fine tips on the Easiest procedure to get your Vietnam visa

Fine tips on the Easiest procedure to get your Vietnam visa

It is compulsory to have a visa when travelling to any country overseas, and in this particular case take Vietnam as your destination. Normally it takes a maximum of fifteen days to have your visa successfully processed and issued to you. You are assured to get your visa right after your application goes through provided you give valid information when filling up the visa application forms. You are bound by the Law that you must first acquire a Vietnam visa before gaining legal access to Vietnam less you get yourself into trouble if you shall be reported as having been to Vietnam without this legal document.

The visa on arrival is available only to persons who plan to travel to Vietnam by air. These travellers will be required to visit the website of the visa application agency and fill up the visa application forms availed there. Individual specific details required of them when filling this form includes their actual name, gender, date of birth and prove of their nationality usually by their passport along with their passport number.

First the visa application form has to be downloaded then filled with the above details among others. It will later be submitted to the same website or at the visa application office, which in this case is the Vietnam embassy. However, not everyone has easy access to the Vietnam embassy. Some people are located at distant locations from the Vietnam embassies while others are located in countries that do not have Vietnam embassies. In this case uploading the visa application form to the agent website for further processing sounds ideal and convenient to everyone. If so, the visa applicant will have no need to visit the Vietnam embassy in person as all they will need is access to the internet.

It is strongly advised that you get all these formalities completed well in advance so you are able to have adequate time in hand before moving from one country to another. The last minute rush from one place to another should be avoided as you might have to pay delay penalty fees at some point, plus it could be a great deal of inconvenience.

All the arrangements of getting a Vietnam visa can be conducted online at a small service fee but the visa applicant should be sure of every confirmation letter that he or she receives from the visa processing office after completing each step of visa processing.

Additionally, the visa applicant should pay the service fee only after he/she is sure that all the proceedings have been completed successfully. If so he will receive a valid visa with a proper stamp on it. Once acquired the valid visa, the candidate can take the advantage of it by extending their stay in Vietnam for a day more even after exhausting the stated day as per their expiry date on the visa.

Have it at the back of your mind that all you need is a valid passport and two of your most recent passport photos taken within the last six months in order to qualify as an applicant for the Vietnam visa.

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