Friday, November 7, 2014

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Keeping It Safe during a Vietnam Travel

When planning for a Vietnam travel vacation, there are some things that must always be remembered for safety purposes. A passport is a must have when vacationing in a foreign country. Six month validity is normally required for vacations visas. Unfortunately, Vietnamese visas are only valid for one entry. If you plan on leaving Vietnam and travelling to the neighboring country, remember to obtain a multiple entry visa to avoid misunderstanding.  In every country, tourists attract thieves from regions they are travelling to. To avoid theft, always make sure you walk with people you know and avoid suspicious abandoned streets. Always walk with a photocopy of your passport and not the original copy of your passport. Lock away safely your original passport during your Vietnam vacation and carry at all times the photocopy for security purposes. It is better to be safe than to be sorry. Ensure to always carry your money bag safely to avoid losing your travelling money hence ending the vacation sooner than expected.

Death penalty or extended imprisonment are strictly practiced for individuals committing sexual offences or caught with illegal drugs hence try as much as possible to avoid such scenarios during your Vietnam travel. Inviting a Vietnamese national to your room as a tourist is forbidden and will lead to consequences. As hot as it may get sometimes especially during the summer season, always keep it decent especially when visiting religious places and confined places. Due to global warming, summers are not guaranteed to have sun all days. The weather today keeps changing hence make sure you listen to the climate reports and effectively plan for your day.  Travel insurance is highly effective when travelling. In case of diseases or accidents, you do not have to worry about hospitals to go to or the money to spend.  The travel insurance covers all that. Being in a foreign country, you may not be fast to differentiate their currencies and they may look alike. Confirm you have the correct change whenever you make any transaction. Always respect and be kind to the vendors and Vietnamese and avoid taking pictures without asking for their approval.

Motorbikes are well known for their speed and for using lesser fuel than cars. They are preferred by most Vietnamese. A Vietnam travel can really be exciting and convenient on a motorbike especially if you are a couple or are two friends visiting. It is important to note however that a Vietnamese driving license is required if you want to use a motorbike for your tour so make sure you have one to avoid negative consequences. Trains, buses and taxis are also used on land. The beauty of Vietnam or experiencing last minute rush activities are mostly the main reasons tourist miss their planes. Fortunately, you can always connect to Hong Kong or Bangkok. There are only three airports in Vietnam offering both international and domestic flights if you want to use the air as your mode of transportation during your Vietnam Vacation. Flying domestically will give you a clear geographic view point of the areas you are travelling to.

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