Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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Obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival is now easy and possible

Acquiring a Vietnam visa is as simple as booking the carrier ticket now! Anybody wanting to go to visit Vietnam needs to have a Vietnam visa. Acquiring a traveler Vietnam visa may be similar to a bad dream as a result of the expansive rate of sightseers heading off to the nation. Traveler visa gives you a chance to enter the nation effortlessly. Standing for long hours at the Vietnam embassy just to get an opportunity to apply your Vietnam visa will soon be a thing of the past. You don’t generally need to spare extra time beyond your office timetable to get to apply your Vietnam visa. In this way, whether it is a Saturday, Sunday, or even a national holiday, visa on arrival service is still available.

Be confident and trust on this service now that you do not have to walk all the way to the Vietnam embassy/consulate just to get served in applying for your Vietnam visa. Vietnam visa on arrival is more of a relief and more of an opportunity to cut down traveler expense in acquiring the travel document.

It is considerably a simple procedure that allows you to quickly apply and acquire your Vietnam visa in a matter of hours. You can count on it not only for being advantageous, but also for its efficiency and financial factors. The procedure entails a softcopy letter of approval that is sent to you by email and which you can use to get permitted to enter a plane to Vietnam so you can further pursue your Vietnam visa upon reaching the international airport in the country. As soon as you arrive at any of the three international airports in Vietnam, you can confidently walk straight into the Vietnam visa on arrival office and hand in your letter of approval in hardcopy. Other documents you will need to produce include your valid passport and two of your most recently taken passport photos.

While the passport is supposed to have been acquired more than six months back dating from your present day, your two passport photos should not be any older than six months.

Visa on arrival is most recommended for tourists and businessmen entering Vietnam. While a traveler visa of this kind lets you stay in Vietnam for up to one month, the business visa permits you up to three months.  If by any chance you need to re-visit Vietnam you will be needed to acquire the re-entrance visa before leaving the country. if however you do not have this document then you will have to restart the entire procedure of applying for the visa online. Since the Vietnam visa is traditionally acquired via a Vietnam embassy, which is a cumbersome procedure, online visa is arguably your savior as it allows you to visit the country without any stress or struggles.

Vietnam visa preparation time is snappy. It normally takes 2-3 working days to receive a letter of approval from when you applied your visa online through an agent website. The Vietnam immigration department speeds up visa processing at no additional cost. Generally the Vietnam visa on arrival service is the ideal option to getting to Vietnam.

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