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Vietnam visa requirement for Mauritanian citizens


    - Complete Name: Islamic Republic of Mauritania
    - Native Name: Mūrītāniyā
    - ISO-Code: MRT
    - Capital: Nouakchott
Regions: Adrar, Brakna, Dakhlet Nouâdhibou, El-‘Açâba [Assaba], Gorgol, Guidimaka, Hodh ech-Chargui, Hodh el-Gharbi, Inchiri, Nouakchott, Tagant, Tiris Zemmour, Trarza

Principal Cities: Nouakchott, Nouâdhibou

Cities & Urban Communes: Adel Bagrou, Akjoujt, Aleg, Atâr, ‘Ayoûn el-Atroûs, Bababé, Bogué, Boû Gâdoûm, Boû Steïlé (Boû Cṭaïla), Boutilimit, Gouraye, Guérou, Hamoud, Kaédi, Khabou, Kiffa, Legceïba (El Kseïba), Magta-Lahjar, Mâl, Mbout, N’Beike, Néma, Nouâdhibou, Nouakchott, Rosso, Sélibaby, Soudoud, Thiékane, Tidjikdja, Timbedhga, Tinṭâne, Zouérat


Vietnam visa requirement for Mauritanian citizens

As a Mauritanian citizen planning to tour Vietnam, we would like to inform you that you need to acquire a Vietnam visa. This is possible in the following two ways:

i) By making a direct application for the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy/consulate

ii) By applying online through our services to get the letter of approval.

1. How to apply for the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy in Mauritania

Mauritania does not have a Vietnam embassy at the moment and so applicants for the Vietnam visa from this country will have to find the nearest Vietnam embassies from surrounding countries.

The other way to getting your Vietnam visa as a Mauritanian without presenting yourself at the Vietnam embassy is by visa by post service. It only needs you to confirm with the respective embassy to find out if the service is availed there, since application procedures vary with the embassies.

2. How to apply for the Vietnam visa online through us

If you apply for the Vietnam visa from our website online and correctly follow all our instructions, we will serve you with a letter of approval. With this letter you can collect your visa from any Vietnam international airport or Vietnam embassy. Here is how the processes go:

i) Vietnam visa from a Vietnam international airport with the letter of approval from us.

This procedure is only allowed for air travelers. It entails the following steps:

- Fill in your visa application form that you download from our website.

- Complete payments with us and closely follow our instructions

- Obtain a letter of approval from us within 48 business hours, which will be delivered by email.

- Present your letter of approval, your passport and two of your passport photos at the Vietnam international airport where you will pay a visa stamping fee. Finally you will get your Vietnam visa.

ii) Obtain your Vietnam visa from a Vietnam embassy/consulate you choose from the application form.

This is a four step procedure that requires you to do the following:

- Visit our website online and fill in the visa application form with all your details.

- Clear due payments with us and carefully follow our instructions

- Receive a letter of approval from us in your inbox. This should take not more than 48 business hours.

- Present your letter of approval, your passport and two of your passport-size photos at the Vietnam embassy and pay the visa stamping fees before you get your Vietnam visa.

Note: Conditions to get Vietnam visa:

    - You must present your passport. Your passport needs to be valid and acquired more than six months ago.
    - You must present two passport-sized photos of you that you took within the last six months
    - The information in your letter of approval must be same as that in your passport.

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