Saturday, November 1, 2014

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Get the best of Vietnam visa on arrival service

With the visa on arrival service there is more than just a service to experience. Mention reliability, convenience and cost effectiveness as these are just a fraction of what you expect with this service. You can count on it for saving your time and finances and still you haven’t exhausted many other benefits we may not mention here. Visa on arrival service ensures total benefit that in the end you have nothing to regret for choosing it as your first and only option without hesitation.

The service is within the reach of all people

As opposed to the conventional way of applying for the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy/consulate, the Vietnam visa on arrival service is available on the internet where everyone can access it without thus eradicating the need to relocate or travel great distances to get these services.

No limit as for when to access the service

Having been availed online, anyone can access it at anytime of the day or night. This implies that the service is available 24hours 7days a week regardless of weekends and public holidays.

Available at affordable pricing

At only $25 per head, visa on arrival service is available and lasts for up to 30 days. At the end of the set days it will expire but can be renewed latest being three days past the expiry date. The renewal procedure takes 5 to 7 working days but just like when applying for the visa, you can pay for urgent service to speed up the renewal process.

The random discounts across visa application agents

Since the visa on arrival service is offered by travel agents that have connection to the Vietnam immigration department, there is always a chance to rip the benefits of competition among these agents. Firstly, some of these agents offer a discount rate for corporate clients such as schools, universities and agencies. Some visa agents offer to charge their loyal clients 18% to 26% less for their repeat orders. In order to rip the most out of these travel agents, be sure to checkout one with the lowest rates that also offer bonus for repeat orders.

Takes the least time hence cheaper service

The visa on arrival service is cheap, affordable and comes with great offers. What is even more encouraging is the fact that it takes one only two working days to get permitted to travel to Vietnam. As soon as the letter of approval is out and sent to you by email or fax, you can present it when boarding a plane to Vietnam. At this time you are yet to get your visa but will still land in Vietnam. Upon arrival you will present your letter of approval which by then will be in hardcopy, to the visa on arrival office. Upon paying the visa stamping fee you will be allowed to travel to officially and legally enter Vietnam. That is all it takes to land to Vietnam. You can further speed up the service by paying for the rush visa on arrival in which you will spend at most 24 working hours to get your letter of approval that allows you to travel to Vietnam and pursue your visa from there.

You have more than one reason to smile with the new Vietnam visa on arrival service. Make the most out of it today and you will have all reasons to enjoy visiting the country. Get yours today!

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