Sunday, November 9, 2014

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How to apply for a Vietnam visa

Just like any other country, there is no difference in Vietnam visa application processes and requirements. Applicants are advised to always apply early enough to avoid last minute rush because doing so takes some good time. There are two methods of applying for this type of document. One is by the applicant going in person to their embassies in the foreign countries and the second is by doing it online. The online procedure is the best and the most used method. First, he or she will have either to check at the embassy or download the tourist form online to read and know what is needed before one is given the travel documents. Once that is done, the applicant fills an online platform with the correct details as they appear on the passport or visits the embassy to get assisted. Going to the embassy take much long as compared to online.

Two passport photos are required; they must be of 4×6 cm in size and with a white background and must be very recent that is not more than six month old. Money in cash is also needed for the processing fee. Once all the requirements are made, the applicant can start filling the relevant forms. First you have to be very keen on the type of visa being applied for. If by chance is for single or multiple entries. The single entry visa means that you will enter and leave without returning back again immediately, but if you will by any chance wish to come back again then you have to apply for multiple entries. The two passport photos will be attached to the application form. The dates of departure and return must be shown in the application form.

The Vietnam Visa applicant has to take time to check the forms to make sure no errors have been committed so as not to delay the processing time. If a form is submitted with an error, then the diplomat in charge will have to recall the applicant to rectify the error which leads to delay in travel or risk a cancellation of getting the entry permit.

After submission, the applicant waits for the approval letter which is send to the email for download and print it if you did the application online else you will have to wait a couple of days before you are emailed the approval letter by the diplomat in charge. If you had an online application then the Vietnam visa will be stamped upon arrival in one of the international airports, else it will be stamped at the embassy. Stamping has a fee attached to it so you must have some cash. On arrival you must show your approval letter, passport, passport photos and pay for the stamping fee if you did your application online. The check-up is also done to ensure the visitor has the right documents from the right channel to allow him or her to enter. After the stamping, the applicant has to go through the security check ups before allowed to enter. This is to ensure that no unwanted person gets the entry permit in the country.

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