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How to Extend Your Overstayed Vietnam Visa

You can obtain your Vietnam visa in various ways. In case you have a plan of traveling around Vietnam, you may apply for a visa from the Vietnamese embassy in your respective country. In case, a Vietnam embassy is not present in your country, you may approach online travel agents to get a visa on arrival. The best and easiest way to apply for a visa is by making the application online. Contrary to the processing time that is required in most embassies, applying for a visa upon arrival is a lot easier. Discuss the matter with the authorities at the airport, or with your travel agent.

The visa is all of $25 per head and is active for 30 days. Once here, it can be extended. Before applying a visa for Vietnam on arrival, get a letter of approval from the country’s Department of Immigration. The process requires a total of 3 working days before you can be sent a copy of the same through email or fax. You need to carry the letter of approval with you while boarding the flight to Vietnam. The visa stamping procedure is done upon arrival in the country. Upon boarding, you may apply for urgent visa on arrival.

Processing of the urgent visa requires at least half a working day to a whole working day. Urgent processing takes extra fee, but makes sure that you may travel safely to the country. A visa will not be needed for a whole of 15 days in case you are from countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Russia. You are also exempted for a total of 30 days if you belong to countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Kingdom of Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia. Residents of South Korea and Japan are relieved for 15 days, whereas Cambodians will not need a visa in Vietnam for 14 days.

If the visa is about to expire within a few days, it be extended at various offices in Vietnam. The processing time for visa extension is 5 to 7 working days in case you are a traveler. If you want to order urgent extension for your visa, it will take a couple of working days, including an additional for urgent processing. Urgent processing business visa takes a couple of working days.

Resource Box: Applying for a Vietnam visa is an easy process. You may acquire your visa for Vietnam with the help of a travel agent or through the authorities.

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