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How to get Vietnam visa for Belgian citizens


• Complete Name: Kingdom of Belgium

• Native Name: Belgique, België

• ISO-Code: BEL

• Capital: Bruxelles

A visa application guide for Belgium citizens

As a Belgium citizen who needs to visit Vietnam for whatever reason, you first have to acquire your Vietnam visa. You can apply for it in two ways mentioned below:

• by directly visiting the Vietnam embassy

• by applying online for the Vietnam visa on arrival through us

 Direct Application for the Vietnam Visa

Direct applicants to the Vietnam visa in Belgium need to visit the Vietnam embassy in person in order for them to learn the usual procedures for applying a visa. Visa applicants should first contact the Vietnam embassy by the following contacts shared below:

Embassy of Vietnam in Belgium

Boulevard Général Jacques 1, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 (0)2. 379 27 37; Fax: +32 (0)2. 374 93 76



Online Application Procedure to the Visa on Arrival

Vietnam visas can be applied online through our website. Applicants first need to obtain a valid visa six months in advance and have two passport photos within the last six months from the day of visa application.

Visa applicants will then have to visit our website and fill in the visa application forms with valid information about them. They will then be charged a slight visa processing fee online, which should be paid right there. Finally, we will send them a letter of approval to their visa application process via email within 48 working hours.

The letter of approval should be presented upon boarding the plane and at the Visa On Arrival Office upon their arrival at any of the Vietnam international airports. Finally, applicants will have to pay a visa stamping fee to have their visas stamped in their passports.

Points to note:

Visa applicants should always submit valid information when filling the visa application form on our website. Information from their visa application form will determine what appears in their letter of approval, which will then be used to crosscheck their information with that in their valid passports.

There are international airports in Vietnam namely:. Visa applicants travelling by air should claim their Vietnam visas from the Landing Visa Office also known as Visa on Arrival Office.

Advantages of visa on arrival:

Visa on arrival is applied online through our website in which applicants have to fill in the visa application form and submit it right there. Online application for the Vietnam visa on arrival is fast to process and less expensive compared to direct application for the Vietnam visa. Applicants who opt for this method do not have to travel to the Vietnam embassy making long queues while waiting to be served. As such, it is considered convenient and time saving.

Online application procedure for the visa on arrival is not limited to time and thus works on Saturdays, Sundays and even during holidays.


Visa applicants forward their applications to the Vietnam immigrating department via us at a slight service fee paid online. We then issue them a letter of approval by email as received from the immigration department in Vietnam shortly after their application. The letter of approval is to be downloaded and printed in hardcopy for presentation while boarding the plane and upon arriving at the Vietnam international airport when claiming your visa.

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