Thursday, November 6, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in Finland

  • Complete Name: Republic of Finland

  • Native Name: Suomi, Finland

  • ISO-Code: FIN

  • Capital: Helsinki (Helsingfors)
Here is information about the contacts to the Vietnam embassy in Finland you may need:

Embassy of Vietnam in Finland

  • Address: Kulosaarentie 12, 00570 Helsinki, Finland

  • Telephone: 

  • +358-9- 622 99 00

  •    +358 505448803/04

  • Fax: +358 9 622 99 022

  • Email:;

  • Website:
Finland citizens can acquire their Vietnam visas by the following two ways:

  • Direct application to the Vietnam embassy in Finland

  • By online application where they get the letter of approval from us
1. Direct application of the Vietnam visa.

Finland citizens have unlimited access to the Vietnam embassy during business hours where they can choose between visiting the Vietnam embassy in person or making phone calls and sending emails, as a way of inquiring for more information about the visa application procedure. Information on any step during the visa application can be inquired via the email:

2. Online application for the Vietnam visa

For Finland applicants wishing to apply the Vietnam visa, our website provides them with the visa application form. Below are the steps they need to complete for them to get their Vietnam visas:

i) Obtain the following required documents:

- A valid visa that is more than six months old

- Two passport photos taken within the last six months

ii) Apply for the letter of approval from us

- Visit our website online and fill in the visa application form found there

- Pay service fees with us and stick to our instructions

- Receive the letter of approval.

iii)                Obtain your Vietnam visa with the letter of approval.

-     Bring your letter of approval, your passport and your passport photos at the Vietnam embassy or to any of the three Vietnam international airports.

-     Pay the visa stamping fees with them there

-     Collect your Vietnam visa right there.

Conditions to applying and acquiring your Vietnam visa

-     You must present your most recent passport photos that you took within the last six months.

-     Your letter of approval and your passport must both show consistency in information.

-     There are three international airports in Vietnam and only air travel passengers can acquire their Vietnam visas.

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