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How to get Vietnam visa for British citizens

United Kingdom

• Complete Name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

• Native Name: Great Britain and Northern Ireland

• ISO-Code: GBR

• Capital: London

Vietnam visa application procedure for British citizens

All British citizens need to have a Vietnam visa in order for them to enter Vietnam. They can choose between making a direct application to the Vietnam embassy and applying online through our website. Here is how to apply by each of these two options:

1. Direct visa application to the Vietnam embassy.

Briton should make a direct application for the Vietnam visa from the nearest Vietnam embassy around them since the United Kingdom of Great Britain currently does not have Vietnam embassy. They can contact these embassies in person, or make phone calls and email conversations to find out more information about the visa application procedures.

As for the actual application for the Vietnam visa, applicants will have to present themselves at the Vietnam embassies or choose the visa by post service. The visa by post service is recommended to persons who wish not to leave their duties but still successfully apply and acquire their Vietnam visa. In this case however, applicants will first have to confirm with the Vietnam embassies to find out if the service is available there since visa application procedures vary across embassies.

2. Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa through our website.

Britons can make online applications for the Vietnam visa through our website. We provide visa applicants with a visa application form at our website which they are required to fill in and submit to the system. They then have to clear service fees with us still via this same website and wait for the approval letter which we will send to them via email in 48 working hours from the time of their applications.

Upon receiving the letter of approval applicants will present it together with two other documents at the Vietnam airports or at the Vietnam embassy where they have to complete a few more steps before they are granted the Vietnam visa. These documents include their passport and their two most recent passport photos. Once all procedures are covered and checks met, applicants can either collect their Vietnam visas from the Vietnam embassy or from the following Vietnam international airports: (Tan Son Nhat (SGN), Noi Bai (HAN), Da Nang (DAD), Cam Ranh (CXR), Phu Quoc (PQC), …..).

Five reasons why you need the visa on arrival services

Visa on arrival service is always accessible to everyone. You can apply for your Vietnam visa through this means anytime during work hours and whenever you need it, including on public holidays and weekends. All that is needed is active internet connection and you will be able to fill in and submit the visa application form online.

Visa on arrival procedure is generally convenient. You will not have to travel to the Vietnam embassy in person in order to acquire your Vietnam visa nor spend too much money on travels and accommodation in case you come from areas that are far from the Vietnam embassy.

Whilst the service is faster, one can expedite it even further by applying for the visa on rush by which you get your letter of approval and get to claim your Vietnam visa in 48 working hours. This service is ideal for people who need to visit Vietnam as soon as they are needed.

This service is cheaper. Visa applicants by this expedited service are charged a slight visa application fee on our website and visa stamping fee to have their visa stamped on their passport. These charges are convenient in that visa applicants have all processes conducted and supplied on their behalf at a less expensive fee.

With the visa on arrival you get to visit Vietnam in about 48 working hours from when you submit your personal information on the visa application form at our website. This visa application procedure is much beneficial to people who urgently need to visit Vietnam as the service is expedited.

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