Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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How to get Vietnam visa for Haitians


• Complete Name: Republic of Haiti

• Native Name: Haïti

• ISO-Code: HTI

• Capital: Port-au-Prince

As a Haitian citizen, you require a Vietnam visa so you might be permitted passage to Vietnam. There are two routes in which you can seek your Vietnam as recorded below:

• By straightforwardly applying to the Vietnam government office as an individual

• By applying for the Vietnam visa on arrival online through our website

The direct provision application procedure at the Vietnam embassy

As a citizen of Haiti who needs to apply for the Vietnam visa, it is important you note there is no Vietnam embassy/consulate in your nation and subsequently you have to discover the closest from encompassing nations. This needs you to travel across foreign boundaries in search of Vietnam embassies or alternatively get in touch with them via phone and email to figure out more data about the visa provision methods and additionally the placed visa service fees.

This approach can be too demanding to some people considering that you need to be away from your work and most probably designate or worse still, neglect some of your other responsibilities while seeking Vietnam embassies from those foreign countries. In that capacity, you cannot predict how much money you will likely spend on your trip to the foreign countries and on your stay there not forgetting the span of time too that you might spend on long queues away from your country at the foreign embassy. You can dodge all these hustles essentially by settling on the Vietnam visa on arrival service which takes just a couple of hours to get ready.

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa on arrival

With the Vietnam visa on arrival service that we provide to visa applicants, you get to obtain your Vietnam visa from the Vietnam international embassy with help of your approval that we send you via email. We are a web-based visa service agent that works closely with the Vietnam immigration department to guarantee your data is presented to them consequently seek after your letter of approval from them on your behalf at light visa service fee paid via our website. In this system you will need to:

• Visit our website online and fill in the visa application form with precise data about you

• Clear the visa administration fees with us as you take after our directions accurately.

• Wait for the letter of approval which we will send you via email in about 48 working hours counting right after you complete your visa application with us.

• You then need to print the letter of approval sent to you by us in hardcopy for presentation when boarding a plane to Vietnam and your two passport photos at the ‘Visa on Arrival Office’ on your landing in any of the international airports in Vietnam namely: Tan Son Nhat (SGN), Noi Bai (HAN), Da Nang (DAD), Cam Ranh (CXR), Phu Quoc (PQC), ……

• Finally, clear the visa stamping charge to have your Vietnam visa issued and stamped on your travel permit so you can uninhibitedly and legitimately enter Vietnam.

Favourable experience with visa on arrival service

With the visa on arrival service you can seek your visa online at whatever time without confinements unlike the tradition or direct visa application services that were applicable only during business hours and on working days.

With this service you spare your valuable time and money as you should simply visit our website online and fill in the visa application forms you find there. You then will get a letter of approval via email which ought to be printed out and displayed as part of your identification documents when boarding a plane to Vietnam.

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