Thursday, November 13, 2014

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How to get Vietnam visa for French Guiana nationals


• Native Name: Guyane Française

• ISO-Code: GUF

• Dependent from: France

• Capital: Cayenne

How to get Vietnam visa for French Guiana nationals

As a French Guiana native you have to obtain a Vietnam visa in advance if your end goal is to visit Vietnam in the near future. There are two application procedures in which to request the Vietnam visa as recorded underneath:

• Direct application procedure at the Vietnam international airport

• Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa on arrival

Direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy/consulate

As a French Guiana citizen you need to locate the closest Vietnam consulate from nearby nations to apply from since French Guiana at present does not have one. You then need to venture out from your area to the Vietnam consulate of your choice keeping in mind your purpose of visit there, which is to fill in the visa application forms availed there.

For the undisputed fact that there is no Vietnam consulate in French Guiana, the process of travelling to Vietnam embassies in foreign nations can sometimes be exorbitant, prolonged and disruptive to your normal schedules in that you need to disregard all your current obligations to follow up on your visa application process.

The most amicable option to visa applicants that find the direct application procedure hectic is the online application procedure for the visa on arrival

Online application strategy for the Vietnam visa on arrival:

Firstly it is important that you understand we are an online organization that helps visa candidates obtain their visas to Vietnam by facilitating flow of information between visa applicants online and the Vietnam immigration department. All you need are two passport photos that you as of late obtained and a legitimate passport that you got at the very least six months back. You then need to visit our website online and execute the following simple steps:

• Fill in the visa application online with proper data as required of you by us.

• Clear the visa service fees while observing our instructions online.

• Hold on as we obtain your letter of approval from the Vietnam immigration department on your behalf within 48 working hours.

• Download your letter of approval from your email inbox and print it to hardcopy so you can present it on your flight to Vietnam and upon your landing at the ‘Visa on Arrival Office’ at any of the international airports in Vietnam

• Pay the visa stamping fee to have your visa stamped on passport and you will be allowed to visit Vietnam.

Crucial points about the Vietnam visa on arrival application procedure:

• This methodology spares you cash that you would otherwise spend making to and fro trips to nations that have Vietnam consulates. In the very same way you spare your time and vitality basically by requesting your Vietnam visa with us at our site.

• This provision system works 24/7 including on Saturdays, Sundays as well as during public holidays unlike the direct application procedure at the Vietnam embassy which is restricted to just working days and business hours.

• You get your letter of approval prepared and issued to you in less than 48 working hours and you can move ahead with the remaining short visa application procedure.

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