Thursday, November 13, 2014

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Vietnam travel arrangements

Visitors who come to Vietnam have to book for their Vietnam travel prior to their coming. This is to ensure that nobody comes in and miss to get an accommodation for himself or herself or the entire family. Most bookings for both hotels and travel arrangements are done online which makes it easy for many visitors who come here to know what is required of them and where to tour and visit. Most tour operators give incentives and many customized travel services for families or group and business people. They also give discounts on almost every service they offer and give advice on the type of weather thus alerting them on the type of attires to carry.

The tropical humility is always affected by the monsoon climates. There are only two seasons in this country. The cold and the hot climates. The cold weather starts from November to April. During this time, the temperature comes to as low as 3oc. The hot period occurs between May to October. The reason to why the temperatures of this country are lower is because they are affected by the monsoon winds. Weather is always a determining factor for travelling plans and arrangements. Most regions here experiences hot seasons throughout the year though some parts do experience cold season.

The cooler parts here are in the northern regions. The winter period starts from November to March and the summer begins from April to October as mentioned earlier. During this summer period, the region is relatively hot and its temperatures comes as high as 37oc. There are some parts in the northern province like Hai Van Pass towards the north experiences pleasant spring (march to April) and autumn (October to December), and a chilly period from December to February and a hot summer from June to July.

Temperatures are high all year round for southern and central Vietnam; but northern Vietnam has a definite cooler season as the north monsoon occasionally attracts cold air in from China. Frost and some snow may occur on the highest mountains in the north for a few days a year. In the southern Vietnam, the lowlands are sheltered from outbreaks of colder northerly air and the dry season is warm to hot with much sunshine.

Due to climate variations in the country one can pop in this country at any time of the year, based on the duration of the stay, you have to plan to catch the good weather and places by either dropping in Saigon in February or March then following the coast to north or going to Hanoi in October-November then travelling southwards. The choice lies entirely to the visitors who might wish to do some things in different area in particular time of the season.

Whichever way a visitor chooses, however, it is advised to keep the luggage as light and loose as possible. Vietnam is not subject to extreme hash weather conditions, thus loading up with clothes is never necessary. And a final word, stay with the informers for up-to-minute information on Vietnam’s weather and tourism hot news.

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