Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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How to get a Vietnam visa

The Vietnamese government provides various ways for the tourist and the business men and women who have the wishes to travel to Vietnam on how to get the visas as required by the state laws. One has to through all the laid down rules and regulations as stated by the constitutions of the Vietnam country. Failure to adhere to the rules may lead to cancellation of the applicants request to get the visa. One can get this vital document either through the Vietnam embassies or from their travel agencies which are not affiliated to the government. This is done by presenting yourself to the embassy or by mailing your details to the embassy. The details submitted must be correct else you risk cancellation of your application. One can also opt to use the on arrival visa which can be applied online. This type of Vietnam visa is the simplest and most used type of visa by both tourist and the businessmen and women who do their traction in and out of Vietnam.

The on arrival type of visa is one that is issued to a person without actually visiting the embassy. It is currently the most used mode of travel as mentioned earlier to get access to the Vietnam country. This document is picked at their international airports in their country on arrival of the applicants. The applicant fills an online platform system with the correct details as they are on the passport. Any wrong information fed in the online platform to acquire this visa may lead to arrest of the applicant or deportation back to his/her motherland or cancellation. This type of visa can be given to an individual or a group. It must indicate the purpose of your visit, length and arrival and departure dates. It is in most cases only valid for not more a year.

On arrival at their airports, every document is scrutinized to ensure no alien enters their country at any cost. To avoid this and other delays, the visas are always approved by the immigration officers in the other foreign countries before any other foreigner gets entry to the Vietnam country. After approval, they get stamped at the embassies. The processing of these vital documents may take up to 3-4 working days for the normal visas and 1-2 days for those that are very agent.

The procedures of getting these documents vary according to the type of visas one needs. Business and tourist visas are more less the same in the processing. For business, there is an option of 3-6 months which can be extended for another 3 month only. Else a business person needs to obtain an invitation letter from a partner who is already working in Vietnam. If you get the invitation letter the applicant can stay in Vietnam without any interruptions from the immigration department of Vietnam. Processing fee vary according to how long the applicant will stay in Vietnam and also varies with the type of visa being applied for. The fee goes up as the number of applicant gets high.

In summary, processing of a Vietnam visa is done in a very professional way and very easy as compared to many countries.

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