Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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Information on Vietnam Visa

Vietnam is a country found in the continent of Asia. The country’s full name is Socialist Republic of Vietnam and just like the name, the country is run by a socialist republic government. The capital city of Vietnam is called Hanoi. The entire country has a population of 93,421,835 and Vietnamese is the country’s main language. Dong is the currency used for trade in Vietnam. The country attracts tourists all over the world because of the startling tourist attraction sites, animals, mountains and rivers hence the need of information on the Vietnam Visa.

A Vietnam Visa can be acquired through different ways. If you are a foreigner and want to visit the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the first step to take is to visit the embassy of Vietnam in your residential country. Unfortunately, some countries do not have the embassy of Vietnam. This should not worry you or make you give up travelling to Vietnam because there are genuine travel agents who will guarantee your dream to travel to the country is met. The online travel agents will advise you to apply for an online visa which is most convenient and received upon arrival.

Unfortunately, Vietnamese traveler visas are commonly valid for only one month that is thirty days. The assumption is that within a month’s time, you would have visited all the places you intended to visit. Fortunately, if you are not yet done with either business, visiting the country, or have heard of or discovered new areas in the country you want to visit, it is really easy for you to get an extension of your visa. Visa extensions can either be done in most of the key tourists’ attraction sites, offices that deal with tourists or by tour operators.

Residents from some countries are exempted from purchasing a visa to visit the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The exemption is a great advantage for citizens in the exempted countries because they have the freedom to visit the country any time they want to, stay in the country or depart from it as they please. They can visit all tourist attraction sites, carry out businesses or even go shopping freely without requiring a visa. Sadly, the citizens of Laos, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Thailand and Malaysia among other visa exempted countries can only visit Vietnam for thirty days to less than fifteen days after which they must purchase a visa.

You will need to submit a filled entry permit form, two 4cm x 6cm or 3cm x 4cm photos of yourself, your original passport and a visa fee when applying for a Vietnam Visa. All this are required weather you are applying for a tourist or business visa. Application forms and fee vary depending on the county you are in. If you are visiting Vietnam for business purposes, your business visa must be accompanied by a support letter from your company in Vietnam or from your sponsor agency. The process will take two to three days in person and two to three weeks by mail depending on the type of service. However, ensure your visa and passport is returned if you are mailing.

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