Thursday, November 6, 2014

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Look for jobs in your next Vietnam travel

Are you looking for job opportunities during your Vietnam travel? Well, here is some good news for you especially if your job or expertise lies with the service industry. There are plenty of jobs available here as a result of the introduced reforms by the government. If you are one of the foreign job seekers planning to travel to Vietnam here are some ideas you want to grab:

Vietnam allows for extension of stay as their visa provision system considers additional time beyond the set visa expiry days. All you have to do is make sure your visa application is in line with the extension policy set by the immigration department of Vietnam. You therefore want to choose the right visa plan before making an application to the Vietnam immigration department for a travel visa.

Vietnam foreign policies allows for even foreigners to seek jobs in the country. For this provision, you can apply for a wide range of job opportunities starting with part-time employment to full-time employment. You stand even a higher chance if your expertise lies in the manufacturing sector as production industry in Vietnam is primarily focused in the manufacturing sector. Additionally, the service sector has only recently opened thus giving room for even more employment.

With the service sector having been established it means there are even more jobs in fields such as advertising, finance and banking area all which have significantly high demand when it comes to job supplies.  Now that Vietnam is quickly embracing English language as a whole, there are more jobs for English teachers. If you are fluent in both French and English language you stand even a better chance to secure employment particularly as a teacher. However, you don’t necessarily have to be professionally qualified to secure employment as a language tutor provided you speak and are adept in languages that you intend to handle. In these cases you can also serve as a private tutor in mentoring language skills to private students. As a professionally qualified tutor you stand a chance to secure employment in public or government universities.

With all the dreams, wishes and expectations you may have before you visit Vietnam it is highly advised that you prepare your mind psychologically for financial adjustments. Have it in mind that Vietnam is still a growing economy hence most of its people may not have a high purchase power to hire expensive expertise in some fields. For this reasons, the job salaries in particular professions may not be equal to what is paid elsewhere in the world for the same profession.

Having said that, foreigners who have great experience in niche professionals can still command significantly high monthly salary figures ranging from $$6000 to $8000. Generally, there are three main industries from which to secure employment: finance, consumer care, and manufacturing. Of all these three finance is well paying followed by manufacturing industry? The quoted figure as the monthly salary for the niche professionals is arguably huge considering the cost of living in Vietnam. There is food in abundance which makes it quite affordable plus accommodation does not take out a huge chunk of your salary. All these job opportunities with the affordability of live make Vietnam the ideal place to seek employment during your Vietnam travel as a foreigner. 

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