Thursday, November 6, 2014

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Make your Vietnam travel a great experience this time!

Travelling can be fun and great endeavor all at the same time depending on your reason for travel. Some people travel for business purposes while others make tour trips with their friends and family all for leisure. Whatever reason you have for your travel, you can always add uniqueness to it.

There are numerous ways to make your Vietnam travel fun and memorable depending on how well you plan. One way is by making arrangements on your travel through services of trustworthy agencies or companies or by the recently invented visa on arrival service, if you are a traveler by air transport.

Visa on arrival service in particular, allows you to travel to apply for your Vietnam visa from the comfort of your home so long as you have internet connection. All you need for this procedure to work for you is a valid passport and having applied for the visa on arrival service online via a travel agent website, which will have you receive a letter of approval in softcopy via email. You will then use the hardcopy print in one of the following two ways:

  • To acquire a Vietnam visa from the Vietnam embassy and have it stamped on your passport.

  • To identify yourself upon boarding a plane to Vietnam from where you will acquire a valid Vietnam visa and have it stamped on your passport.
In both ways you will be charged just a slight visa processing fee for your application to be forwarded to the Vietnam immigration department. This service saves you from having to line up at the long queues as is with the conventional visa application procedure.

If by chance you decide to acquire your Vietnam visa from a Vietnam international airport, you will have three ports to choose from namely: Da Nang, Tan Son Nhat & Noi Bai. At these points you hand in your letter of approval, your passport and two of your passport documents and pay a slight visa stamping fee to have the visa stamped in your passport.

In addition to the new experience of having to apply for your Vietnam visa online via a credited travel agent, you also get to save your time and valuable energy as you will not have to travel all the way to the Vietnam embassy as is with the regular Vietnam visa application procedure.

What is most interesting is the fact that the online visa application procedure goes through in about 48 working hours and that is only for the visa on arrival service, while the express visa takes at most 24 hours which is half the time it takes to get a visa on arrival. Online visa application is remarkably the best option when talking about time and budget convenience. Not only do you get your visa on time, but you get it shortly after your application goes through, which takes at most 48 working hours. You still can apply for it during Saturdays, Sundays and on Public holidays. It arguably makes your travel experience fun and memorable that you will always want to try it out each time you plan for your Vietnam travel.

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