Monday, November 10, 2014

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Points to note about the Vietnam visa on arrival program

Points to note about the Vietnam visa on arrival program

Previously visa applicants had to cope with lengthy hours of waiting at the Vietnam embassy to get served with the visa application forms. The worst part of it was the long queues they had to stand in all day thus adding up to long hours and even days before they got served at the Vietnam embassies in their countries. Other visa applicants had to cover long distances from their area of residence including those from nations that do not have a Vietnam embassy in order to get to the nearest Vietnam embassy/consulate in foreign countries and make their visa application. Good luck and great experience for such people now that there is a new convenient way of applying for the Vietnam visa – the Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

How it goes about:

The Vietnam visa on arrival is applied for online visa websites set up by the travel agents. These travel agents work in hand with the Vietnam immigration department to avail visa application forms to visa applicants. Applicants have to visit these websites and fill in the visa application forms manually and email back to these agents. Their applications will then be forwarded to the immigration department of Vietnam for processing which entails validation and approval of the submitted request. Upon approval, the immigration department of Vietnam will send a softcopy letter of approval to the travel agents from where they will be relayed to respective applicants by email or fax.

As soon as one receives their letter of approval, they will have to print it out in hardcopy and present it upon boarding a plane to Vietnam. They then have to present the letter of approval at the landing visa office at the Vietnam international airport upon arriving there. In exchange with the letter of approval, one is given their Vietnam visa but at a small stamping fee as the visa is stamped on their passport.

Requirements to meet in order to apply for the Vietnam visa on arrival

For one to get a Vietnam visa on arrival they will need to:

Have a valid passport which they acquired not less than six months ago

Two passport photos which they took not exceeding six months ago


As you apply for your Vietnam visa by filling up the visa application form on the agent website, it is a requirement that you give only valid information that agrees with that in your passport else your visa application fails at validation step.

Benefits of the Vietnam visa on arrival

  • The service is Super convenient process

  • The service is Legitimated by Vietnam government

  • With this service you get to save your time and money

  • Online processing is swift and accurate
All officials at Vietnam international airport are well aware about the program to diligently serve you. Experience fast services at affordable pricing from as low as only $25 per head for 30 days. More information about visa application agents and the procedure with all requirements are advised at the Vietnam embassies and visa application agents.

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