Monday, November 10, 2014

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Requirements for a Vietnam visa application

In order for you to acquire this visa, you must produce the required documents as well as meet the requirements set by the Vietnam embassy. You can either apply for it directly at the Vietnam embassy or via the visa application agencies online which organize for your Vietnam visa at affordable pricing, with all the conveniences of not having to physically following up on your visa processing among other benefits that we have.

Firstly, if you intend to apply your Vietnam visa directly at the Vietnam embassy, then you need to proof your nationality by presenting your passport so you can get through the first verification step.  Next, you will have to present two passport photos while filling up other details on the visa application form such as your Gender, Date of Birth and Passport Number among other details specific to you. While applying for this visa, you will have to state your intended duration of stay there in Vietnam as well as your expected day of arrival and departure too.

It is important to note that the travel passport you present during your visa application should be at least six months old for you to be considered qualified for visa application procedure. For the passport photos required of you, they must have been taken within the last six months. Also ensure your details reflect across all your documents with consistency else your visa application gets cancelled for irregularities.

If however you choose to apply for your Vietnam visa application online, you will need access to the internet so you can make your application online via the agent’s website, in which case the visa application form is availed on the agent’s website. Once you are done filling up the visa application form, you will be required, as part of the visa application process, to make payments so your visa processing kicks off.

The visa application agent sees to your visa processing by connecting with the immigration department of Vietnam.  They will then forward your visa application form to them for verification. If your visa application gets approved you will receive a letter of approval by email in less than 48 hours so you can print it for presentation while boarding a plane to Vietnam.

The letter of approval is finally presented at any of the three Vietnam international airports upon your arrival there. Among the documents presented along with the printed letter of approval include the passport of the visa applicant and two of their most recent passport photos that were taken within the last six months. The visa applicant will then have to pay a slight visa stamping fee to have their visa stamped in their passport and given to them.

While the Vietnam visa application procedure seems quite fast and less complicated when done online, it is only available for air travelers. Also, it is important to note that the visa application procedure only goes through if details of the applicants are consistent throughout their documents.

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