Monday, November 10, 2014

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Rules and regulations about Vietnam visa

Before one thinks of looking for a Vietnam visa, he/she must know the rules and terms of getting the visa. Failing to follow their rules and terms of acquiring this visa may lead to cancellation or denial to access their territory. It is important to adhere to their terms and rules. Due to the high rate of insecurity, they also find out who is being issued with the visa. This is done to block unauthorized persons from entering their country.

Applicants must also find out which type of visa he/she is applying for. This is to make sure one applies for the right visa and for the right purposes.  You cannot apply for a tourist visa then once you get to the Vietnam you start doing business to generate money for yourself. If such happens, the applicant may risks arrest or deportation and banned to travel back to Vietnam for whatever reasons.

Secondly, one needs to know the procedures of applying for the visa. It is important to follow the correct ways of getting the visa. There might be orthodox ways of acquiring the entry to Vietnam country with a lot of ease, once found you are treated as a terrorist which may be life sentence of shot dead. The application is done in the Vietnam embassies and consulates which are in all the countries across the world. After application, the applicant will have to wait until the processing is done upon payment of the required fee. Once you get a visa through these channels, you are eligible to enter Vietnam through any boarder. If on arrival visa is applied, the applicant will have to wait for an approval letter before he starts off the journey, failure to which leads to arrest and prosecution. The approval letter legalises the applicant to enter Vietnam and it cannot be edited once issued, if needs be to edit, the applicant must reapply again. It’s only those wishing to travel by air that can apply for on arrival visa. The other modes of travel like sea and land cannot apply for this type of visa. This is because they are stamped by immigration department who are mostly in the airports.

Thirdly, the applicant must pay the required levy to receive the visa. Until the full payment of the required fee is settled no visa is issued to the applicant. There is service fee for processing of the approval letter and stamping fee for clearing you visa. Both payments are made in cash and in US dollars currency.

Lastly, applicants must always put in mind the expiry date of his/her stay in Vietnam. This to ensure that every person who visits Vietnam does not violet their rules and laws as stipulated in their constitution. Once your time expires, you can either renew your stay or leave the country else you risk arrest. The extension period can only last for not more than 30 days. This period at a cost of $30 and takes 5-7 days processing. If you wish to extend your stay in Vietnam then you must do that with not less than 7 days remaining to your expiry period.

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