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The Expected Fee of a Vietnam Visa

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam commonly referred to as Vietnam started enjoying economic freedom and gains after war in the 1990’s.  With production of one third of worldwide black pepper and cashew nuts, Vietnam is known to be the largest exporters of black pepper and cashew nuts stabilizing their economy. Vietnam is also known as the second largest exporters of rice in the world with Thailand leading. Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are the three major airports used by international foreigners. A Vietnam Visa is vital in gaining access to the country hence knowledge of fee charged is paramount.

A visa is well-known as an official certificate or document that is usually imprinted inside a passport giving authorization from an alien authority for you to go into the country. Different people travel to different countries for different reasons. Some travel for the sake of tourism, others to further their studies and others for business and work purposes. No matter the reason of travelling, you will need a visa if you are not a citizen of the country and if your home country is not visa exempted to the country you are travelling to.  There are different kinds of visas required example the work visa, the student visa, tourist visa and the business visa.

Representatives of the foreign countries you are willing to travel to must see your passport before issuing a visa hence advisable for you to arrange for one before departure from your home country. Advancement of technology in the 21st century has made it possible for people in different countries to apply for approval letters online example Vietnam. The approval letter is sent directly to your email and upon arrival in Vietnam, your visa is stamped in the Vietnam airport. This is commonly known as Vietnam Visa on arrival. The Visa on arrival is not a complete visa. It is where you employ an agent to purchase an authorized letter of endorsement which is presented on arrival.

The passport normally contains a full visa for numerous entries and single-entry visas. The single-entry visas to Vietnam are available on different time frames and the fees depend on the nationality of individuals. There is the ninety day and thirty day period visa. Both the single-entry visas fee is $45 USD. The multiple-entry visa varies from less than thirty days, more than thirty days to six months or longer. $ 65 USD is charged for visas lasting for less than thirty days. For more than thirty days, a multiple visa will cost you a fee of $95 USD. If you intend to stay more than thirty days in Vietnam as a foreigner, a six month or longer visa is most suitable. A fee of $135 USD will be required for the long term visa.

In case your visa or temporary resident visa has expired, a fee of $15 USD is charged. Depending on how long you will reside in Vietnam, a temporary card valid for twelve months will cost you $80 USD. Twenty four months card will cost $ 100 USD and $120 USD will be charged on Vietnam visa cards lasting from thirty six to forty eight months.

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