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Vietnam visa service description

For apply visa Vietnam, you should read this article to know Vietnam visa service description

How we count for a month?

One month is not always counted for 30 days. It counts from the issue day to that day next month and minus one day.

For example, from the 15th of this month to the 14rd of next month is counted for ONE MONTH. Therefore sometime it is 29 or 31 days depends on month calendar.

From the 15th this month to the 15th next month is UNDERSTOOD OF MORE THAN ONE MONTH, therefore it will be applied for 3 months visa fees.

Single entry:

You can only entry Vietnam one time, as soon as you exit Vietnam your visa will be cancelled, no matter how many days has left on your visa. In that case, if you want to reenter Vietnam you have to apply for another visa.

Consequently, if you need to enter and exit Vietnam several times during your visa validity, you need to apply for MULTIPLE ENTRIES VISA.

Multiple entries visa:

During your visa validity you can enter Vietnam, leave Vietnam to other country or countries then come back to Vietnam. This circle can repeat for several times until the visa is expired.

Approval letter

A visa approval letter is a just a letter itself, not a visa sticker as you usually see in the passports. The approval letter is designed on A4 size papers; it contains your personal and passport information, your reason to Vietnam, entry and exit date. Especially it contains a series of NUMBER which is known as A VISA CODE or also known as REFERENCE NUMBERS. This CODE is unique in the customs’ computer system and it will help Vietnam customs recognize you and your approval letter. It is REALY REALY REALY IMPORTANT because without this CODE the customs cannot recognize you as APPROVED VISA therefore you may be rejected to entry the country.

Please you PRINT THE LETTER OFF and KEEP IT CAREFULLY AS YOUR VISA, SHOWING THIS LETTER AT A VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT; otherwise, at least you will waste your time if asking the customs to find this code on their system, even worse you may not allow to entry the country if there are faulty on the system.


There are 2 fees that you have to pay separately.

The first one is the service fee which you pay to us as a travel agent who represents you to get Vietnam visa approval letter. This fee is set up by us.

The second one is the STAMP FEE (also called VISA FEE) that you have to pay at the airport where you will arrive. This fee is set up by Vietnam Ministry of Finance and is paid to Vietnam government through the air customs system. There are arrange of different fee’s levels which depends on your type of visa (single or multiple entries), the length you will stay in the country (1, 3 or 6 months). Please check for details fees here. You will pay for STAMP FEES at “visa on arrival” office in the airport (or “visa upon arrival” depends on the call in each airport).

All two fees are well arranged and easy to see on the website.

Fees for each type of service follows be each selection on the web, it will be presented all on the application form, therefore please pay close attention on the change of TOTAL COST on the website.  We warranty that there are NO HIDDEN FEES on the website.

Members discount

Frequently members: a customer who has the second applies on our website (You do not have to apply for members, the site will it count automatically).

- Discount 9% service fee for customers apply from 2nd time at our website

- Discount 15% service fee for customers apply from 5th time at our website

- Discount 19% service fee for customers apply from 10th time at our website

If you do not get discharge from the second apply, please contact us here. (Please scroll down to DISCOUNT FOR MEMBERS part)

Corporate Member: will have 27% discount. Becoming Corporate Members, please con tact us at


* These discounts are discounted from our service fees, not the stamp fees at the airport.

** International airports below are available for visa on arrival; if you plan arriving Vietnam in other than these airports, please contact the Vietnam Embassy:

  • Tan Son Nhat International airport (SGN) in Ho Chi Minh City (also names Saigon city),

  • Noi Bai International airport (HAN) in Hanoi Capital City,

  • Danang international airport (DAD) in Danang City

  • Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR) in Nha Trang City.

  • Phu Quoc International airport (PQC) in Phu Quoc Island

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