Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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More and more reasons to get the Vietnam visa

Vietnam is an aspiring location for tourists and has equal importance for business too.

Vietnam as a country is the place to be whether for business or just leisure. Each day there is an influx of tourist planning to visit Vietnam and the number keeps increasing. The quoted figure for the number of visitors to Vietnam each day could have been even much bigger had there been a quicker method of applying for and acquiring Vietnam visa.

Luckily, there is a new way to acquiring the visa, which is a legal travel document that allows you entry to Vietnam. This is by applying for the visa on arrival or even better, express visa. With this option you get to apply for your visa right from the comfort of your home as all you need is internet connection and a computer machine.

Visa on arrival is intended for visa applicants who travel to Vietnam by air. It involves agents based online with their websites availed to visa applicants. You can only qualify to apply for the Vietnam visas on grounds that you meet the minimum age requirement and can prove your nationality, which means you have got your valid passport and two recent passport photos. Note that the requirements are that your passport should be more than six months old but your passport photos that you present separately should be ones taken in not more than six months ago.

The following are advantages of the Vietnam visa on arrival that will make you want to opt for it:

  • The service becomes a savior for business class visitors, as they do not miss their commitments in the name of waiting for the visa application to go through, as it is with the conventional procedure.

  • The service is available even on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays unlike the conventional visa which is only applied for during working hours.

  • It only takes a maximum of 48 hours to acquire your letter of approval from the moment you forwarded your application via travel agents online.

  • Generally the service is shortened and hastened at a slight service fee, which makes it ideal for business and rush programs that need you in Vietnam almost immediately.

  • Aspiring tourists will not have to travel from their regular locations to the Vietnam embassy just to apply for the Vietnam visa as there is already a platform online for exactly the same exercise.
The visa on arrival service is already approved by the immigration department of Vietnam and applicants need not to worry about the legal formalities such as whether it is authentic or not.

Basically, once you apply for the visa on arrival online, you will be required to download and fill in the visa application form, which then will be forwarded by the travel agency  to the Vietnam immigration department for further processing. If your application goes through successfully you will be sent the approval letter by email, which should be printed for later presentation while collecting your visa at either the Vietnam embassy or from any of the three international airports in Vietnam namely: Da Nang, Tan Son Nhat & Noi Bai.

With all the advantages and conveniences of the visa online, you need to consider it much easier to apply for the Vietnam visa online than it is via the conventional way.

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