Saturday, November 1, 2014

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Visa Vietnam online – Genuine visas when you need them swiftly

The availability of e-Visa to Vietnam has made the last minutes travel planning a possible thing. All you have to do is to request for a visa to Vietnam on your computer or laptop. You will certainly get you pre- approval letter as you pack your luggage. The online process is that fast! Dependable even during emergencies.

How do things really work?

The process of obtaining visa Vietnam online is simple furthermore spontaneous.

  • You need to conclude your date of journey

  • Contact online visa services with your details ready

  • Fill in the form with accuracy and care

  • Make payment through a secured online payment gateway available on the website

  • Within a few hours or days, depending on your urgency, you receive a pre – approval letter

  • Print this letter and carry it along with two photographs

  • And board the plane to Vietnam!
You need to be careful about your journey, make sure to communicate your choice of airport for the arrival at Vietnam. There are three international airports furthermore; you can select any of them. Even your date of arrival in Vietnam is important; you need to follow the exact schedule.

How things really work upon arrival to Vietnam?

On your arrival to Vietnam with the pre-approval letter in addition to two photographs, you can enter the landing visa counter and get your visa in Vietnam stamped from immigration authorities. At this point of time, you need to pay the stamping fees by cash. These authorities do not accept any other mode of payment moreover even ATMs are not easy to get to in this region. You might need up to ten minutes to complete the entire process.

What other choices are available?

You can select between single entry visa and multiple entry visa. The single entry visa is appropriate for one-person arrival to Vietnam and departure from Vietnam. However, with multiple entry visas, you can travel back and forth Vietnam as much as you want depending on your needs. You can choose one of these choices before you fill as well as put forward your application for pre-approval letter. The fees and other charges vary as per the visa type. Another advantage is the availability of group booking. You can get some special consideration if you are travelling in a large group.

In times of dire emergency, when you need to get to Vietnam within a short notice of a few hours, you can apply for imperative visa. The super-expedited services offer pre-approval letter within few hours of the request. Of course, charges are to some extent higher, but come helpful when you need it on an urgent basis. Depending on the situation, you can even get the pre-approval letter on weekends in addition to holidays. The online system is really worth it, as the charges are less than the fuel expenses you would incur during your visits to local Embassy!

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